VotesTracker+ is a Verifiable Open Technology Election System (a.k.a. VOTES). The concept was initially discussed during the fall of 2016. Since then the idea continued to percolate here and there but due to a lack funding and time, progress was slow with long periods of hibernation. Regardless, many thanks to the very knowledgable people at MIT and other institutions and private companies who freely offered their time and knowledge regarding election science and technology.

With the recent 2020 US election there was a great increase in the lack of trust of the election process itself with many claims and counter claims. And though facts are facts and alternate facts are not, a democratic election needs to be truly trustworthy and not just have an appearance of being so. Thus the VOTES project.

During the fall of 2021, the VOTES project was adopted by the OSET Institute and renamed as VoteTracker+. The main Git repository is available at VTP-root-repo. The page is a good starting point and includes a link to this kickstarter project video:

We are looking for peer reviews in the technical, political, legal, and UX space. We are also looking for volunteer software developers. If interested, please reach out – see Contacts. Thanks!