I help people with the technology in their homes and in their lives. Whereas someone might hire a general contractor for a home repair or a physical construction project, I am hired for assistance with some aspect of technology in the home.

I am an Home IT general contractor covering many aspects of technology but not everything – if I don’t or cannot help with your specific questions or problems, there is no charge.

Some service examples:

  • My WiFi is not working; my WiFi is slow; my internet is not working
  • How can I stream music over my stereo?
  • General audio/video issues and questions
  • How can I save money on my cell phone plan?
  • How can I get my iPhone to …
  • How can I do this more easily on my computer?
  • Is my data secure? How should I back it up?
  • My email address is a Google email, an Apple ID, a Spotify username – what is going on?
  • How should I manage my passwords?
  • I struggle with my computer –

Once I understand the questions/problems, if I feel I can help I will quote an hourly rate as a range: a minimum ‘satisfied client’ rate to a ‘delighted client’ max rate. At the conclusion of the project, the customer is free to choose between the two rates to the degree that they feel satisfied with the work.

To start a conversation, please go to the Contact page.