2be2do is a next generation mind-meld, todo list application with a subtle but fundamentally different take on the integration of todo list management, calendars, spreadsheets, sharing, and notifications. It is entirely open-source and always will be – no data or software lock-in. 2be2do may look like yet another todo list app, but it really isn’t just that – it is something a tad bit different and hence, more. It is designed to be out-of-the-way in the same manner that a good bicycle, motorcycle, or car will disappear and allow the driver to feel the road, feel their body, and just be. The experience becomes more about the mind/body being with the road and less about the device itself.

That is the design goal behind 2be2do. By being able to noiselessly handle the todo’s in a fundamentally different way compared other todo list apps, the driver can spend more time being in the flow. S/he does not get knocked back into dealing with application itself and instead spends more time driving the data, gaining insights and getting things done. S/he gets to spend more time being and less time doing.

2be2do is built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. Only you have access to your data. And you can securely share specific data and how it is sorted and prioritized with specific other family members, friends, and other users. Whether you seamlessly would like to know what the local farm stand has on sale when and only when you want to know that, the prioritized agenda for your next meeting, or have the confidence that the home food list is up-to-date and accurate when and only when you want to know that, 2be2do facilitates the creation and execution of your lists, todo’s, and other such tasks and data in your life.

2be2do – helping you de-clutter the mind, minimize the context switches, to be in the flow, be-ing, to a greater extend whether you are doing or not doing.